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The Super Low Down-to-Earth Frequency,

                 Wide Dynamic Ranges, and

               High Efficient Energy Savings.

16 HZ

The ACOUVE Lab's VIBRO Transducers


Dr. Olav Skille Ph.D. of Norway developed VAT (Vibration Acoustic Therapy) which frequencies are between 40~86 Hz.) and published it in the ISVA Congress 2008.

Auto Play of Acoustic Stringed Instruments


Wine, Sake, Hard Liquor with rich flavor


What is the Body Sensory Acoustic?

Body Sensory Acoustic System:

A human body is considered to resemble a skin bag with water full, because it is hydrated with  about 60 to 70%, in case of an adult or 80% of a new born baby. As a water filled skin bag is placed on a loud speaker, it begins to sense sound vibration on all surface of the bag, upon sound reproduction. It is interpreted that the sound wave transmits into a bag surface and vibrates whole water in a bag.
If a human being is to be put into such a similar environment as in a water in a skin bag, he will sense resonance on his whole body skin and sound vibration is waved, and it penetrates deeply into the body through water in the body from the body skin surface. All cells are to sense vibrations, and resonates the body, as if the body were to have  massaged.


However, the past audio technologies had never given specific effects to human inner organs like a nerve system, and endocrine rand, a lung, a heart, blood tube, or a brain organ until the Body Sensing Acoustic technology was introduced.  It has been found to sense sound vibration, interact, influence and resonate each other inside of a human body through the skin.

According to Dr. Olave Skille, Ph.D of Norway, a baby, during his mother's pregnancy, staying in a mother's amniotic fluid of his womb, the best and most comfortable, environment, perceives mother's voice which transmits body sensing signals as audio vibration all over his body surface goes through inner cells. Now that everyone was born after sharing same experiences there, he is considered to maintain its memory of its time frame even after growing up to  be a man.

In fact, all infants including the handicapped, whose ages are 1 to 3, , turn to be plump and healthy looking soon after sensing vibration based audio on a chair.

It is proven they are relaxed and healed with a body sensing unit they had felt in their mother's womb before their birth. 
In the same talking, while an adult hears music with his ears on the VISIC chair, he feels, through the whole body, musical melody and
rhythm, which generates three fundamental elements, excitement, indulgence and relaxation, which music posse-sses and provides.

In case of natural sound effects, other than music:

Effects of sound which contains insufficient low  frequencies, sometimes may  cause uncomfort-able vibrations; furthermore, they will produce unnatural and sometimes unpleasant sound pressure on the body, in case it contains low frequencies with non-vibration effects. On the movie theater seats equipped with a body sensing sound system, particular scenes in the movie which does not require vibrations like male actor's deep voice, often create uncomfortable vibration. In those particular scenes, however, the VISIC system eliminates them for practical sound effect reproduction. The system has been modified and redeveloped for better vibration effects and it's reverse effects.

The Differences between a Massage Machine and the VISIC:
The Body Sensory Acoustic System is sometimes mistaken be a vibrator. While it has been designed only for muscle massaging purpose with electronic mechanical motor driven, or sometimes with a pressure bag which for physical motion.  

On the other hand, The Body Sensory Acoustic System provides both of physical and informative vibrations, to cover and reach the internal organs. 

1. Music with vibration Effect:
There had been no music CD software widely available in the commercial market, which contains and reproduce body sensing sound effects, before VIBRO transducers was developed. ACOUVE Lab. has developed and develops music recordings that includes body sensing vibration. It offers exquisite vibration to the body by combination consisting of rhythm, melody and harmony.

Mr. Olav Skille Ph.D. of Norway, announced                                     his research result at the 

                             ISVA Congress  2008,
                             about his theory "VAT" 
Acoustic Therapy)

                             which frequency is based

upon 40~86 Hz combined, and is being expanded to further medical applications, not only in Northern Europe, but also other countries of the world. While it has been marketed and sold as GaiaCare in Norway, Acouve's VIBRO transducer as VISIC® head pad, has been highly evaluated by him about its quality and performance, since it is proven to be effective as a therapy equipment.


2. About Vibro-Effect System:

It is possible to add and simulate further vibration effects to actual sound effects of car, airplane, boat engine sound noise or horns, earthquakes, mud slides or volcano eruptions. 






The newly developed VIBRO-Effect System makes it possible to record sound effects in the field scenes through its audio pick-up device. It can reproduce body sensing vibration exactly in the same way as it was recorded live, while  conventional microphone recording and loud speaker reproduction can not. It is patent pending, for Acouve Laboratory Inc.



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