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Mr. Olav Skille Ph.D. of Norway developed VAT (Vibration Acoustic Therapy) and published his original therapy in the ISVA Congress 2008, which utilizes frequencies between 40~86 Hz, which medical theory has been  expanding further to other psychotherapy not only in Northern Europe, but also other countries of the world. In Norway, GaiaCare.

As has been marketing and selling a VISIC® head pad, Acouve's VIBRO transducer has been highly evaluated by Dr. O. Skille on its quality and performance, since it is proven to be effective as a therapy equipment.

Dr. & Prof. Wei Yulin, a well-known Chinese vibration based relaxation therapy expert at China-Japan Friendship Hospital, has audited low base acoustic relaxation music for therapy with VART (VIBRO Acoustic Relaxation Therapy). He takes care of patients as a clinician there, whose number has been dramatically increased under stressful working circumstances in developing industries of China.   

2. Relaxation Fields: 
Relaxed on a comfortable, risk free, relaxing chair or bed at a hospital, a dental clinic, a spa, a gym, a sport center, a senior citizen house or a rehabilitation

center for consumer applications, not on a physical muscle massage apparatus.

In office environments, it works so well that office workers could divert themselves by sitting or laying on it and ease or minimize cumulative tension or frustration during office hours without audible sound alone, quietly. In addition to regular audible

3. Entertainment Fields:

music or video equipment, the VISIC reproduces down to 16 Hz to enhances audio and video atmospheres at a private home theater, to maximize audio and video presentation like a movie or a concert performance.

At amusement arcade game centers or parks, movie theaters, home game units for more excitement for potential captivatved audience increase.

The Custom Made Arcade Game Machine with a Joy Stick and a LED Screen with VIBRO Installed under the Chair Bottom

From a flight simulation machine to a haunted house, an earthquake simulation pavilion of an amusement park or an experimental lab. has been built with VISIC technology in or nearby major cities.

Premium seats at movie theaters and demonstration halls 

4. To Accerelate Liquor, Spirits and Food Fermentation to Fullfill Mild and Smooth Maturity:


How It Works!

Miso (Soy Bean Paste)

Wine/Frequency Oscillator


5. Auto Music Reproduction out of Stringed Instruments

CDs designed and recorded with the VISIC based technology particularly for its best music reproduction.  

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