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Vt7 Series

Vp6 Series

Vp4 Serirs

Vp2 Series

These VIBRO transducers, above posted, are the key devices which transform audio low base signal into mechanical vibration. Acouve Lab. has created VIBLO transducers which enable to reproduce less than 40 Hz which used to be considered to be impossible. They are the units which reproduce down to physiologically comfortable 20 to 50 Hz. They maintain high transform rate with high sufficiency, and play a great role to reproduce high fidelity vibrations.  
◎50-150 Hz: matching with audio reality and being involved with active feelings, and
◎20-50 Hz: reality and intoxication feelings.

Vt7, Vp6, Vp4 and Vp2: High performance VIBRO transducers:
Vp4 and Vp2: Ultra-small sized, high performance VIBRO Transducers:


VIBRO Music Amplifier VMA-20

The stereo main amplifier with circuits which employ a signal processing circuits to convert to vibration signals and to drive a power amplifier to activate a VIBRO tranceducer: 

VISIC Amplifier GAE-120

The 20W main amplifier designed for system test, evaluation or installation production for the VISIC System, which  also includes the  VIBRO transducer:

VISIC Prosessor VP100

A Signal Processor which picks up VISIC signals out of audio signals:

Material Sampler MSP-200

The VISIC Driver that maintains both functions of a VIBRO processor and a wave generater , accesable  by the control unit RS-422:

SI Processor SIP-150

A sound Reproduction Proseseor designed for for stringed equipment based sound reproduction:



Helps people falling into natural sleep and then waking up feeling good, which leads them to comfortable healing after sleep, to maximize VISIC effects and thus they will relieve the unconscious frustration.

a bed pad only, the bed not included

Portable VISIC System

The system consists of a VM-20P,a pouch cushion APC-1 and a seat cushion ZPC-2. 

Audio sound from a CD, DVD or PC network is processed in the VISIC amplifier and stimulates and flatters the senses to gain best relaxation and take you to deep, well sleep.

Acoustic String System "CONSORT"

A revolutionary  acoustic String System on an instrument chamber which produces sound vibrations with its excellent low base, is utilized, for stringed equipment based sound reproduction:

The "CONSORT" System includes:
1. a Violin with a VISIC transducer installed,
2. a cello with a VISIC transducer installed,
3. the SI Processor SIP-150,
4. 3 CDs,
5. connecting cables,
6. a violin & a cello stand holders, 
7. a CD player and

8. a stereo audio amplifier.

CDs recorded with Specific Multi-Monoural Format:

Pop Classic (Ave Maria, Aria on the G Line rtc.

Standard Pops (My Way, What a Wonderful World, Paper Moon etc.

Christmas Song (
Santa Clause is coming to Town, Wishing upon a Star etc. 

Speaker-less Sound System

In those quiet circumstances of a hospital, a doctor's or dentist's office which requires both stillness and music as BGM, which is believed to decrease or ease

patient's tension simultaneously, the inaudible low frequency speaker-less sound system is the most desirable. 

Electro-Magnetic Motion Ride Machine MR150

The World First Motion Ride Machine MR-150 is as follows:
1. It activates far quicker than the conventional hydraulic or pneumatic device driven simulation unit, more durable due to less mechanical parts employed in less energy consumption,
2. Weight 150 Kg. 320 (W9 X 1500 (H) X 1380 (D) mm,
3. Less maintenance cost and energy savings,
4. Tilting degree: max 10°,
5. Tilting velocity: X direction 50°/Sec.(100㎏ loaded)
                          Y direction 50°/Sec.(100㎏ loaded),
6.  Power Input: 100V ± 10V
7. Frequency 50/60Hz, 6A, Max 20A and

8. Power consumption: average 500W

VISIC 4D Theater System

In addition to vibrations on a seat, air, spray, mist, or shake will provide unusual experiences. 

Stimulation, with Added Value :
1. Vibro-Effect Vibration Effect Seat: 
2. Air Blow Effect toward face : 
3. Air Tickle Effect on back of lanckles : 
4. Air Blast Effect on back and or of neck :
5. Water Mist From Seat from the front :
6. A flashing of flash lightning effect (Global Theater effect) : 
7. Optional Seat Drop effect added seats : 

3D Sound Movie Theater and Attraction

Acceleration of Wine, Liquor or Food Fermentation to Richer Flavor Level

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