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The Chair for an Artificial Dialysis Patient 

1. "Getwell Vibromusic System": 
by Tachiesu Parts Co Inc.

To set back and to try to be relaxed during treatment, in spite of being forced to stay there and to maintain the same posture on it for a couple of uncomfortable hours or more, not being allowed to leave a kidney machine or even to move out.

trademark registered by  TACHI-S CO., LTD.

Relaxation, Meditation & HEALING

2. The L-VISIC Chair with lighting, music and vibration mixed effect for maximum relaxation:
by Light and Sound Lab of Aishin Inc.

Fully surrounded by well controlled lighting, audio music and the down to the earth, inaudible 16 Hz super frequency of VISIC.

trademark registered by  AISIN  CO., LTD.

3. The "Sound Cure" Chair:
by Living Technology Inc.

An electronic muscle massage chair with VIBRO transducers beneath the bottom 

trademark registered by Living  Technology ompany CO., LTD.

by Omron Co. Ltd.

trademark registered by OMRON Corporation

5. "FeelBeat", VIBRO Chair System by Panasonic

Seat Pad Type ☞

trademark registered by Panasonic Corporation

6. "Active Sonic Chair" , VIBRO Chair System by Sony

trademark registered by Sony Corporation

VISIC Bed & Tatami Mat

7. "ONJYO" Tatami Mat
by Naruse Tatami Manufacturing Co. Ltd.

trademark registered by Naruse Seijyou Inc. 

8. VISIC Bed for a Patient of Medical Treatment in Doctor's Office:
by Miyou Co. Ltd.

Treatment bed in clinic/hospital doctor's office

trademark registered by MIYO Co. Ltdn

9. VASIC Water Bed:

​by Better Life Planing Co. Ltd

It enables a sleeper to feel ultra low base frequencies on a water filled bed pad and helps fall into deep sleep with full fledged vibration effects.

trademark registered by Better Life Planning Co. Ltd 

Relaxation at a Community Hall

10. Hot Springs "Marine Spa" in Atami, Japan

trademark registered by Marine Spa Atami

11. Open Area for Meeting & Healing to Enhance Health, "YU-RA-RA!"
at Shizuoka-Pre., Japan

trademark registered by Shizuoka-shi Fureai Kenkou Zoushinn Kan Yu Ra Ra

12. VISIC Bed Pad

trademark registered by Acouve Lab Inc

VISIC Portable Cusion

13. Regularly Scheduled Concert called "Let's Hear Music with Your Body (Skin)!" 
by Pioneer Electronics Corp. Ltd.

trademark registered by Pioneer  Corporation

14. MULTIVIB Cushon, "GaigaCare AS" of Norway

For Vibro Acoustic Therapy develoed by Dr Olav of Norway and widely utilized all over the world.

trademark registered by Multivib Corporation

15. Sound Vibration "Alphata"
by Futech Electronics Corp. Ltd.

trademark registered by Futek Electronics Co.,Ltd

Entertainment & Event

16. Linear Shinkansen Museum
with speaker-less Sound System, in Nagoya-city, Japan 

trademark registered by Linear Shinnkansen Museum

17. Car Racing Theater at Suzuka Circuit, at Suzuka-City, Japan

trademark registered by Linear Suzuka Circuit Ltd

18. 4D Theater at Brigestone Pavilion at World Motor Show

trademark registered by Bridgestone  Corporation 

19. Ghe-Ghe-Ghe! Specter & Monster Pavilion
of Mr. Mizuki Shigeru

trademark registered by Yanoman  Corporation 

20 Inamura Village Fire Memorial Pavilion at Wakayama Pre. Japan

trademark registered by Hirogawa-town 

21. Railway Museum, at Ohmiya City, Japan

trademark registered by Railroad Museum

22. Hitachi Metal Co. Ltd's Bus Test Ride Booth, at Tokyo Motor Show 2005

trademark registered by Hitachi  Metals Ltd.

23. Helicopter Simulation Ride at Tokorozawa Aviation Museum, Tokorozawa-City, Japan

trademark registered by Tokorozawa Avation Museum

24. 3D Theater of "Beyond Time and Space!" at Mitsubishi Minato Mirai Engineering Pavilion,, in Yokohama, Japan

trademark registered by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.    

25. Arcade Game Machine "STARHORSE2" developed and marketed by Sega Enterprise

trademark registered by SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.

26. Ghe-Ghe-Ghe! 3D, Amazing Specter &
 Monster Paradise Pavilion of Mr. Mizuki Shigeru, at Sakai Minato City, Japan

27. "Cryptic Cave Sounds!" of Lost
Mystery MAYA Civilization at Happy Valley, in Beijing City, China

28. The Haunted House at Hanayashiki, Asakusa, Tokyo

29. 3D Sound Experience Learning System, "Japanese Literature Series", at Saitama Modern Literature Pavilion, Saitama Pref. Japan

30. "The Ancients" Pavilion, at Aomori Sannai Maruyama Historical Spot, in Aomori Pre.

31. "Small Kids World," a coin-operated
Amusement Machine

32. A Portable 3D Sound Attraction Unit. built in a transport containe (12 or 32 audiences)

VISIC 4D Theater

33. VISIC 4D ThHeater

Electro-Magnetic Motion Ride System 

34. "Playing with a Net Surfer"
of WAVE Technology, the River Rafting Simulation, at Ishikari-River Flood Control Museum, in Hokkaido  

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